dows 平台下的高级音频播放器 Foobar2000 1.4 汉化中文版

大发棋牌龙虎Win dows 平台下的高级音频播放器 Foobar2000 1.4 汉化中文版

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摘要:大发棋牌龙虎Win dows 平台下的高级音频播放器 Foobar2000 1.4 汉化中文版由大发棋牌龙虎(qniqwo.com)发布。Foobar2000 汉化版是一款免费的多功能音频播放器,作者是原大发棋牌龙虎Win amp开发大发棋牌龙虎公司 Nullsoft大发棋牌龙虎成员 Peter Pawlowski。除了播放之外,它还支持生成媒体库、转换媒体文件编码…

大发棋牌龙虎Win dows 平台下的高级音频播放器 Foobar2000 1.4 汉化中文版大发棋牌龙虎(qniqwo.com)发布。Foobar2000 汉化版是一款免费的多功能音频播放器,作者是原大发棋牌龙虎Win amp开发大发棋牌龙虎公司 Nullsoft大发棋牌龙虎成员 Peter Pawlowski。除了播放之外,它还支持生成媒体库、转换媒体文件编码、提取CD等功能,是一款功能强大的音频处理大发棋牌龙虎工具 。

Foobar2000 绿色中文版

foobar2000是由以前专门为大发棋牌龙虎Win amp写插件的 Peter Pawlowski 编写的一个革命性的高级音频播放器。foobar2000之所以出现在于他不满于大发棋牌龙虎Win amp 2.x的插件体系架构和更倾向于图形、皮肤的发展方向的大发棋牌龙虎Win amp3 。


另外据很多专业人士测试,foobar在所有媒体大发棋牌龙虎软件 中降噪功能独树一帜,是所有其他音乐播放器所不能与之媲美的。

据专业人士朱小龙先生称:在使用 Foobar2000 和 大发棋牌龙虎Win dows Media Player 对同一音乐的播放测试中可明显发现大发棋牌龙虎Win dows meida player播放的时候会出现微弱的录音气息声,而foobar则不会出现类似情况。

在所有媒体大发棋牌龙虎软件 中foobar2000是最专业和最追求完美音质的一种专家级别音乐播放解码器。可视化的核心由一个插件提供,即使使用了不同的接口界面。foobar2000的定位是专业数字音频播放大发棋牌龙虎工具 ,它更注重大发棋牌龙虎技术 。所以在使用过程中涉及到了很多的专业数字音频知识,普通的用户对其常常无从下手。

Foobar2000 中文汉化版特色:

* 支持的音频格式: MP3, MP4, AAC, CD Audio, WMA, Vorbis,FLAC, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, Musepack, Speex, AU, SND, 通过第三方插件将支持大发棋牌龙虎更多 的格式.
* 完全支持 Unicode
* 轻松定制用户界面布局
* 高级标签功能
* 可以使用转换器组件对所有支持的格式转换编码格式
* 支持播放增益
* 可自定义快捷键
* 开放的组件体系结构允许第三方开发者来扩展播放器的功能.


foobar2000 1.4 更新日志
Added preferences page to adjust priority order of installed decoders.
Greatly improved DSP manager dialog.
Default User Interface improvements:
New toolbar items for switching output modes, ReplayGain modes and DSP presets.
Improved status bar: added optional display of selected track count.
Reworked Preferences pages; improved options for minimize & close behaviors.
Converter improvements:
Keeping incomplete/problematic output files is now optional; they’re deleted by default.
New and improved overwrite prompt dialog.
FDK AAC is now among the default presets.
ReplayGain scanner improvements:
Greatly improved “Apply Gain to File Content” feature, with multi threading and more supported formats.
Added command to manually manipulate Opus header gain field for both .opus and Matroska.
New Preferences pages.
Playlist & Media Library search use a new text-matching algorithm similar to Unicode Asymmetric Search.
Cosmetic tweaks; prettier buttons attached to editboxes in various dialogs.
Cleaned up Opus header gain manipulation, reported value no longer offseted by 5 dB, made header gain respected when embedded in Matroska container.
Amended Matroska tagging, certain rare files that would fail to update before are now taggable.
Matroska support improvements, improved seeking performance on files without seektables.
Made possible to choose between alternate audio streams in MP4 and Matroska files.
Implemented WebM internet stream playback.
Compiled using dynamic VC runtime, raising the limit of how many component DLLs can be loaded.
Made Album List remember expanded nodes.
Raised track count limit for cue sheets from 99 to 999.
Integration with 大发棋牌龙虎Win dows 10 Universal Volume Control.
Playback controls in taskbar on 大发棋牌龙虎Win dows 7 and newer.
Configuration saving now uses transacted NTFS if available.
Changed the way playlists and media library data are stored to minimize the amount of rewriting on each app shutdown.
Merged networking features from foobar2000 mobile:
Refreshed HTTP/HTTPS reader; added the ability to read remote folder listings.
Improved handling of various file formats over HTTP, AIFF and Musepack in particular.
More robust M3U/M3U8/PLS playlist handling; shows a warning when trying to save a M3U/PLS file that may not be readable correctly due to international characters.
New file format icons.
Improved media library search performance.
Made various playlist and search result sorting operations use multiple CPU cores.
All communication with foobar2000 website (troubleshooter, crash reporting, update checks) is now encrypted.
Refreshed File Operations preset management, now stored in a plain text files instead and possible to import/export/edit.
Work around for DirectSound audio stutters with 大发棋牌龙虎Win dows 10 1803 (beta 19).
Fix implemented for splitter lock bug.
Workaround implemented for HTTPS issues on 大发棋牌龙虎Win dows XP.

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