3D 字体设计大发棋牌龙虎工具
 Insofta 3D Text Commander 5.2.0 汉化中文版

3D 字体设计大发棋牌龙虎工具 Insofta 3D Text Commander 5.2.0 汉化中文版

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摘要:3D 字体设计大发棋牌龙虎工具 Insofta 3D Text Commander 5.2 汉化中文版由大发棋牌龙虎(qniqwo.com)汉化发布。3D Text Commander 5.2.0 中文汉化版是一款专业的3D字体设计大发棋牌龙虎软件 。可以将平面的文本转变为漂亮的3D文本,让您创建属于您自己的3D文本 Logo、横幅、消息…

3D 字体设计大发棋牌龙虎工具 Insofta 3D Text Commander 5.2 汉化中文版大发棋牌龙虎(qniqwo.com)汉化发布。3D Text Commander 5.2.0 中文汉化版是一款专业的3D字体设计大发棋牌龙虎软件 。可以将平面的文本转变为漂亮的3D文本,让您创建属于您自己的3D文本 Logo、横幅、消息,并将它保存到您的电脑上,以便用于您的网页、文档和演示。

3D 字体设计大发棋牌龙虎工具
 Insofta 3D Text Commander 中文版

3D 字体设计大发棋牌龙虎工具 Insofta 3D Text Commander 中文版

3D Text Commander 5.0 中文注册版将任何纯文本消息转换成一个迷人的3D文字,让大发棋牌龙虎你 创建自己的3D文字标志,横幅,消息并将其保存到您的电脑上使用您的网页,在文档和演示文稿。

让大发棋牌龙虎你 的3D文字完美的外观。您可以从各种专业模板中进行选择,并添加自己的图片和文字。选择字体(所有系统字体可以使用),上色的,它的大小,增加透明度。仅通过拖动设置大发棋牌龙虎你 的3D文字位置,右侧的屏幕上,实时。

让大发棋牌龙虎你 的3D文字更是通过其动画效果迷人。切换只是一对夫妇的额外的复选框,将您的3D文字变成一个旋转的3D旗帜。大发棋牌龙虎软件 自带的漂亮纹理的拟合几乎所有的口味和需求库。

3D Text Commander turns any plain-text message into a captivating 3D text, letting you create your own 3D text logos, banners, messages and save it to your computer for use on your web pages, in documents and presentations.

Give your 3D text a perfect look. You can choose from a variety of professional templates and add your own pictures and text. Choose a font (all system fonts can be used), colorize it, size it, add transparency. Set your 3D text position right on the screen, in real-time by just dragging it.

Make your 3D text even more captivating by animating it. Toggling just a couple of extra checkboxes will turn your 3D text into a rotating 3D banner. The software comes with a library of pretty textures fitting just about any taste and demand.


What’s New
Added a possibility to compose a scene from several objects.
The settings for dimensions, position, rotation 3D texts are moved to the “Transformation” tab.
Depth of field added.
Reflection blur added.
The text formatting is extended.
Memory usage optimized.
Preview of the fonts added.
Draft render faster.
Render progress bar on the taskbar button added.
The custom colors in the “Color” dialog are saved.
Changed the initial camera and lighting settings, some presets and “New Wizard” templates.
“Check for Updates” feature added.
You can use the drag-and-drop method to open a project file.
“Options” menu added.
Translations updated.
Fixed a variety of small bugs.

注意,该大发棋牌龙虎软件 不支持中文字体,选择中文字体可能会导致大发棋牌龙虎软件 卡死。

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